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Welcome to Dance Freedom in Cambridge

Welcome to Dance Freedom in Cambridge

Welcome to Dance Freedom in CambridgeWelcome to Dance Freedom in Cambridge

Pre- Dance Events

Alice Heller teaching African NIa

Pre Dance Events

The  Space is open for Dance freedom at 6pm for set up and pre dance events.  this year we are trying to create a pre-dance event.  that goes from 6:45-7:50 We are off to great start.  We have had  Open Mic/Coffee house, classes in Nia, Yoga, World Dance. The photo shows Alice Heller Teaching African Nia

Teachers and performers  are welcome to use the space from 6:30-7:50pm  as class time as long as you know equipment will be set up at 7pm  during your class or performance. Unless you make arrangements with Galen to have it set up in advance.

Opening circle  for Dance Freedom is at 8. set up happens at 7. 

Community members are welcome to use the space from 6-7:50 as class time 

Please email  the  title of what you would like to teach and a brief description and teacher bio. 

Pick the date you would like to teach.

items for consideration.

William  can set up the sound system and watch the door for you at 6pm but you would need to pay $15 for him to come in early.

Be aware  even if you decide to put out a hat for donations and use a boom box . set up for the dance will need to happen at 7pm  we will try to be as quiet as possible.

We are asking Students  to donate $15-20 for the class and they are welcome to stay for the dance at no additional charge.

Other Money Stuff, if no donations come  in  you do not have to pay anything, If you donate the class again you owe nothing.  We do ask that the $100 in rent gets  covered before you pay yourself.  

If you ask Galen to come in early and setup before your class starts you do need to pay him $15 for the hour even if no one comes to the class.  Please contact Robin Williams if you are interested in creating a pre dance event.

Community Sharing 10pm


Community Performances

 At the end of the evening community members are welcome to  share a 20 minute performance.  This is a time for community  members to perform , teach a mini class,  try out providing music or lead  a community building activity. 

Dancers tend be a creative bunch. There are many musicians, actors writers and artists of all sorts among them. So, the Middle tends be a time when there is a performance done by a community member.

These events are coordinated by  Robin Williams. If you are interested in volunteering a performance at the end of the dance, you will need to speak to her at the dance or email her. 




  • Some examples of previous Middle performances are; Margaux Skalecki, Medicine Dancer – Has lead us in a variety of Middles such as Sweat Your Prayers, Star Dance Rising, Ecstatic Vision Quest just to name a few
  • read poems and essays from her new book Sing Loudly in Your Car!
  • Ben Quest a singer song writer played songs of peace
  • Neige Christianson did a demonstration of the Bryon Katie Method in combination with movement
  • Michael Sussman performed Celtic and classical songs on the piano
  • Astrid, Jules and Jolie did a dance performance called The Women’s Group
  • Howard Sherman played classical violin
  • John Murnane play jazz sax
  • Su Eaton and Friend did improvisational singing
  • Mark Landry, a long time ESL instructor, did communication games
  • Many members of our Dance Community have shared music with us in a Dance Through Middle (10 – 12 minutes)