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Welcome to Dance Freedom in Cambridge

Welcome to Dance Freedom in Cambridge

Welcome to Dance Freedom in CambridgeWelcome to Dance Freedom in Cambridge

About Us

Dance however you like, there is no wrong way to move.

What to Expect at a Dance Freedom Event

Welcome to dance Freedom 

Dance Freedom is a 501c3 Charitable organization. Dance Freedom believes that music and free style dance together are one of the most powerful vehicles for the expression of joy, creativity, human unity, as well as healing, and the experiencing of higher consciousness and spiritual transformation.

At  Dance freedom we are experiencing the joy of dance and leaving the cultural expectation as social dancing being part of courting behavior behind. A dance is just a dance, a brief perfect moment in time. free yourself from expectations  Enjoy dancing alone with a partner or in a group. There is no wrong way to move.

Dance Freedom sees itself as creating a "sacred space" - not in a religious sense - rather as a precious ritual outside every day reality where the community can come together through dance and music to celebrate and revere life, humanity, our planet, our universe, and the power of love.

What  to Expect at a Dance Freedom Event 

6:00 pm  the space is open for setup of  dance freedom


6:30-7:30 A warm up class  occurs to learn new ways to move enjoy getting to know other dancers in a smaller more structured setting and to stretch and warm up for the dance.

At 7:45 pm the setup and the class are  are complete  

Then the Facilitator for the night gets everyone together for the first dance. Everyone gathers around a centerpiece and holds hands and dances around to soft music for a song. That's when the First half of the DJ dance begins.

Around 8: pm- 10pm  Dj's bring you on a dance journey  The first half is complete and everyone gathers around This is an opportunity for  a volunteered artistic performance or a mini class  from someone in the community.

10 pm. The Facilitator  Introduces the performance for the evening  Dancers  in another circle dance to open up the Second half of dancing.

 the performance wraps up  at  10:20 pm, at which point there is one final circle dance and Dance announcements  to complete the night. The dancers are always encouraged to help take-down at this point so that we can be out of the space by 11PM.

Before You Arrive

• Be clean. Please arrive fresh with a clean body and clothes, as some of us are sensitive to any scented products (including essential oils) or strong body odors.

• Be clear-minded. We dance free of alcohol and illegal substances.

• Leave your shoes and smartphones off the dance floor. And please leave any valuables at home or safely hidden in your car. (Note: If you need shoes for foot health, we welcome soft-soled shoes that have not been worn outside.)

•We Recommend that you Bring a  Dance  Bag with your name on it.

Use the bag to carry in your dance clothes and shoes  a drinking vessel to fill at fountain  in hall behind dance space. Use the bag  to store your street clothes and shoes while you dance.  

Holding a Safe and Sacred Space

• Dance and move however you feel it. There's no right or wrong way to  dance.

• Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgements of self or other 

• Refrain from talking  on the dance floor. Take all conversations to the library behind the DJ.

• Move with care and awareness through the space. Help us avoid collisions on the dance floor.

• Be mindful of others’ personal boundaries. Dance Freedom is very contact-friendly, but we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being approached and touched. Get enthusiastic non-verbal Consent before touching anyone. If you don't want to dance with someone, empower your no.  One way is to bring your hands closed to your chest and bow in a gesture of 'no thank you’.

A solo-dance bracelet that glows in the dark is available at the front Desk.    Please put one on  if you feel more comfortable dancing alone or if you want to select your own dance partners rather than being asked. 

 Please look for these bands and respect  that dancers wearing glow bracelets are on their own journey this evening and do not want to be approached for a dance.   

Non-verbal dance requests typically involve one person dancing up to another and making eye  contact and perhaps extending a hand.

To refuse a non-verbal dance request, just break the eye contact and turn away from the person.  If some one refuses your non-verbal dance request in this way, move away immediately.  

• No taking pictures or video. with out explicit permission from individuals in the photo.

A White board is available for community announcements.

Being with Our Music

During the dance   a very wide variety of music across different genres gets played . If there's a song that doesn't seem danceable at first, we invite you to be curious and try to discover it in your body. Or use it as an opportunity to work with the judgements that arise. Or hold witness for how others are feeling the music. Or take a break to get some water. Just know that the music keeps changing, so something different is coming soon.  We keep a comment book in the hall for feedback and requests for music from dancers.


DJ Welcome

Want to volunteer to help create the music.  You can Get mentored by  dance  freedom Djs and help create the magic.


There is no wrong way to Move

Fall in love with dance,  fall in love with yourself.