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Dance Freedom


Warm-Up Classes and Open Mic Sessions 6:50-750pm

Dance Freedom  starts the night either with a musical Coffee House/Open Mic or  dance movie from 6:50pm-7:50pm,  or with a warm-up class that runs between 6
:50 -7:50pm (check " Dance Events"  for event start times, they vary). The class fee will also cover the actual dance,  which starts at 8pm


Some words from our dancers!

"Dance Freedom has been a creative outlet for me, a place where I can  go every week to celebrate the good times and lighten the bad times and find community."

"Dancing at Dance Freedom gives me a safe place to just dance without having to deal with the artificiality and meat-market atmosphere at the clubs". 


" I agree with Emma Goldman:  " If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part of Your Revolution !"  Dance Freedom is a safe place to let go of stress and find myself again."

Discounts and Deals

Need a discount off our regular cost of $15-20?  Ask about helping with set-up (6pm arrival) for a free entry.  

Upcoming events

Dance Freedom  in Cambridge Freestyle Barefoot Dancing--three hours of creative, playful ecstatic dance in community with other dancers--dance alone, in pairs, in trios, in groups, to music from a magical mix of genres, eras and continents. You are enough--just dance!!


Q: Is this dance affiliated with the church it is held in?

A: No, we are independent and non-sectarian,

Q: Where is the entry door for the dance?

A: Use the gate closest to the Sheraton,  walk down the path through the play area to the door. Once through the door, turn left then right, heading toward a kitchen.  The security desk will be in front of you.

Q: What do I do with valuables?

A: Leave the bulky stuff in your car or at home if possible;  but you can leave wallets, phones, etc with our security person at the desk when you pay to get in.  

Q: What if I don't have a partner?

A: Come anyway!  People frequently dance by themselves or in larger groups;  a partner is not needed; you are enough!

Q: How should I dress?

A: Wear something comfortable and/or celebratory that you can really move in!  

Q: Do I have to go bare-foot?

A: Soft-soled dance shoes worn only indoors are also accepted; they need to be soft enough to not cause harm if you step on some one's bare foot.

Q: What if I don't know anyone?

A: The best way to get to know people is to come early to help set up or stay late to do take-down; but you can also introduce yourself to the Facilitator at any time (ask the DJ who that is) and the Facilitator will introduce you to people.

Q: What if I want to ask some one to dance?

A: Dance nearby and catch their eye; if they hold eye contact and turn toward you, you are dancing with them; if they turn away or look away, then you should move away to dance elsewhere.  

Q: What if I don't want to be asked to dance by anyone? 

A: Glow bracelets are available for people who want  to signal that they do not wish to be approached for dancing.

Q: Is everyone a great dancer?

A: We have professional dancers as well as complete neophytes and every level in between, all dancing together--that's part of of the fun of Dance Freedom! Just dive in and enjoy!

About Us


Dance Freedom

What to Expect at Dance Freedom

About The Dance.

Dance Freedom believes that music and free style dance together are one of the most powerful vehicles for the expression of joy, creativity, human unity, as well as healing, ecstasy, and  spiritual transformation. Countless  participants through the three decades of our existence have shared these experiences, many were inspired to start new dances like ours all over the world.

Dance Freedom sees itself as creating a "sacred space" - not in a religious sense - rather as a precious ritual outside every day reality where the community can come together through dance and music to celebrate humanity, our planet, our universe, and the power of love and movement as a healing and transformative power. 

Share Your talents,  at Pre-dance events

About The Dance.

What to Expect at Dance Freedom

About The Dance.

Dance Freedom is a community event. It is joyous celebration of life's energies expressed every Wednesday in an evening of dance and music. It's been around since 1968, and it's the longest running dance of it's type ever.

People dance creatively, alone, with a partner or with many others, sharing a feeling of ecstasy and liberation. DJ'd music guides the magic, weaving together current, world, classic and spiritual sounds. Dance Freedom is a safe place to share your energy and make new friends. the dance is shoe, alcohol, and  smoke  free. and is 18+ event. Respect for others is essential.

7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. First Congregational Church, Mason and Garden Streets, Cambridge, MA, 02138 - 18+, Admission $15.00 - $20.00 sliding scale.


What to Expect at Dance Freedom

What to Expect at Dance Freedom

What to Expect at Dance Freedom

The Dance Space is open at 6pm.  

Set up runs til 6:30pm

7-8pm Dance Movie, Class or Coffee house/open mic session , a chance to meet, listen, and perform for each other.    Warm up period offers  new ways to move and to  meet other dancers in a smaller, more structured setting, and stretch and warm up for the dance. 

8 A circle dance sparks off the 1st set that takes you on a Musical Movement journey.

 the dancing lasts until around 10:20pm, at which point there is one final circle dance and Community  announcements  to complete the night.

10:30 Take Down time 

11pm lights are off and everyone is out of the dance.