Dance Freedom
most Wednesdays
11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA
7:30 - 10:30pm

  We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
~Japanese Proverb
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The Basic Gist:
Dance Freedom is a community event. It is joyous celebration of life's energies expressed every Wednesday in an evening of dance and music. It's been around since 1968, and it's the longest running dance of it's type ever.

People dance creatively, alone, with a partner or with many others, sharing a feeling of ecstasy and liberation. DJ'd music guides the magic, weaving together current, world, classic and spiritual sounds. Dance Freedom is a safe place to share your energy and make new friends. No shoes, children, alcohol, or smoking are allowed. Respect for others is essential.

7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. First Congregational Church, Mason and Garden Streets, Cambridge, MA, 02138 - 18+, Admission $10.00 - $20.00 sliding scale.

Schedule for Dance Freedom
& for our sister dance, Dance Friday:


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What to Expect:
Dance Freedom's format is essentially the same every Wednesday night. Around 6:30 pm people who have volunteered to setup the room meet and are instructed by a setup coordinator as to where what and how to setup for the dance. The first half DJ and Facilitator for the night usually chip in too.

At 7:30 pm the setup is complete and the dance has officially started. First there is a warm-up session which last until around 7:50 pm. The warm-up session frequently consists of soft DJ music and there is very little dancing. Then the Facilitator for the night gets everyone together for the first dance. Everyone gathers around a centerpiece and holds hands and dances around to soft music for a song. That's when the First half of the DJ dance begins.

Around 8:50 pm The first half is complete and everyone gathers around again and sits. This part of the night is called the Middle and it usually lasts about a half hour. This is an opportunity for introductions and community announcements to happen. Usually there is also a "Middle" which consists of a volunteered artistic performance from someone in the community.

Once the announcements and/or Middle performance is over, at around 9:20 pm. The Facilitator asks the dancers to stand and she leads them in another circle dance to open up the Second half of dancing.

The second half of dancing lasts until around 10:25 pm, at which point there is one final circle dance to complete the night. The dancers are always encouraged to help take-down at this point so that we can be out of the space by 11PM.

For more information, visit Our Facebook Page, Dance Friday's Facebook Page, the Meetup Site for Both Dances, and the website for Dance New England, an umbrella organization for local and international dances and events.