Dance Freedom
most Wednesdays
11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA
7:30 - 10:30pm

  Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.
~Martha Graham


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What are the Middles?
The time between the first and second half DJ is deemed the "Middle." This is an opportunity for the dancers to gather around make announcements for up coming events or any other dance related story.

Dancers tend be a creative bunch. There are many musicians, actors writers and artists of all sorts among them. So, the Middle tends be a time when there is a performance done by a community member.

These events can be impromptu, but are usually coordinated by the Middles coordinator. The current middles coordinator is Jules. If you are interested in volunteering a performance during a Middle, you will need to speak with her during one of the dances.


  • Some examples of previous Middle performances are:
  • Margaux Skalecki, Medicine Dancer – Has lead us in a variety of Middles such as Sweat Your Prayers,
  • Star Dance Rising, Ecstatic Vision Quest just to name a few
  • Samuel Walter Bartussek – a professional mine – performed selections from his stage show
  • Aura performed her original poetry. She has been writing poetry and songs for many years
  • Lynn Rosenbaum read poems and essays from her new book Sing Loudly in Your Car!
  • Ben Quest a singer song writer played songs of peace
  • Neige Christianson did a demonstration of the Bryon Katie Method in combination with movement
  • Michael Sussman performed Celtic and classical songs on the piano
  • Astrid, Jules and Jolie did a dance performance called The Women’s Group
  • Howard Sherman played classical violin
  • John Murnane play jazz sax
  • Su Eaton and Friend did improvisational singing
  • Mark Landry, a long time ESL instructor, did communication games
  • Many members of our Dance Community have shared music with us in a Dance Through Middle (10 – 12 minutes)